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Classes Competing:
*The crate and super late models will alternate weekends.
On the weekend of the super late models the crate late
models will be allowed to run a 12" spoiler.
*N.I.L.M.S. Late Models
*U.M.P. Modifieds

Gates open @ 3:00
Drivers meeting 7:00
Hot laps 7:30
I wanted to try to compile a list of drivers, crew and fans. If you would like to be
added to our email list to receive updates of upcoming events and new feel free
to send me a message with your information.

Also drivers and owners if you want to send me your names and address I can
save everyone some time at the gate and pre-enter your info on our computers.
I have no previous database to draw from. All of our systems will be streamlined
Well, we purchased
vinyl cutting
equipment for the race
track to make it more
economical for
advertising purposes.
This is what it's
morphed into. Me and
Jill's first vehicle
lettering (other than
our own).
Renegade Race Fuels
has signed on as the
Official Fuel of
Whitewater Valley Motor
Speedway. Renegade fuel
will be available at the
track at all times
including all dates of
racing on the Circle
Track, Flat Drag Track
and Go Kart Track. Race
fuel for Motor Cross will
also be available.
Just to let everyone know, if
anyone would like window stickers
with you name and number I can
make them for you for $2 each.
We will also be running a number of Flat Drag Races, Go Kart Racing,
2 Demo Derbies,Truck Pulls and an Enduro this up coming season.
3505 W St. Rd. 44
Liberty, IN  47353
(765) 580-2860
We are working with the Vores folks on hosting 2 events this year. So
many race tracks concentrate on having marquee events for late models,
mods and sprint cars. I am trying to put together bigger races for each
class of car.

These VCTS races pay $350 to win.

Earlier in the week I posted how our points fund eligibility will work. On
the nights of the VCTS the highest finishing WWVMS license holder will
win a $100 bonus from the track.

Good luck!
Points Fund Eligibility Whitewater Valley Motor Speedway:

There will be a points fund in each of the weekly classes this year. I have come up with a way to
benefit the racers that race at the speedway week in and week out. The way our points fund
eligibility will work is as follow.

To be eligible for the year end point fund each driver will need to purchase license for the class
they intend to race. The license is a one time fee of $25. All of this license fee money will go directly
into the that class's point fund. The track will retain $0 from this license. Only drivers that purchase
the license will be eligible for the fund.

How this works. If you finish 4th in points and are a license holder and the racer that finishes 3rd is
not, the 3rd place racer will still receive a 3rd place trophy but no point fund money. The racer that
finished 4th (but is a license holder) will receive 3rd place money and the next highest finishing
license holder will receive 4th place point money.

Also, we will be conducting 50/50 drawings at each event. 100% of proceeds from these drawings
will fund the year end point money as well.

I decided to do this to benefit the racers that race the track weekly.

You will have until the 3rd race or April 25th to purchase the license.
General Admission: Adults $10, Kids 6-11 $5
Age 5 and under FREE!
Pit pass $25
JR, Bill Wagner, Jill Mergenthal, Drew Wagner,
Brett Wagner, and Saige Mergenthal.
Feature Winners for 04/18/14
Thunderstock Feature Winner
#39, Nick Newton
Hornet Feature Winner
#14, Joe Jennings
Modified Feature Winner
#116, Jimmy Haager
Late Model Feature Winner
#20C, Duane Chamberlain
Once again, our driver of the week:
#14 Joseph Jennings-
Picked up right where we left off in 2010 at
Whitewater Valley Motor Speedway. Had
tire problems in the heat but rebounded in the
feature and had a hard battle with last week's
feature winner and was able to grab the win.
Video will be posted of the in-car camera this
evening. Brian Redmond, I think you came up
with a good nickname, "DIRTY JOE"
A HUGE Thank You to the Union County Sheriff's office for helping the track
provide a place the ENTIRE family may go and enjoy the night and know
they are safe!
Late Model Feature Sponsor for 04/18/14
Jim True Ford. Thank You!
Need some feedback. Every couple weeks we are going to be adding menu items.
Last night we offered up our pulled pork sandwich. Who got one and is it a keeper?

Let us know on our
Facebook page please.  Thanks!
See this YouTube video of Joseph Jennings with an Incar recorder that shows what it was like to be driving!
From the Facebook page of Jennings Mtrspts!
I want to bring something to the surface. We have been
amazed! Let me stress AMAZED, with the support from the
fans and the surrounding community. The fans have been
supportive in every way. Even when something is not exactly
right the fans come up in a supportive way and say
something. I take every one of your comments to heart. That
being said, the next two projects.

Restroom remodel
Soft pretzels.

On tap for this weekend:
   Remax Preferred Choice Crate Late Models
         $700 to win $100 to start
   Jim True Ford UMP Modifieds
   Turn Key Motorsports Thunderstocks
   RJE Restorations UMP Hornets

Pit gates open @ 4:30
Hot laps @ 7:30
From the Richmond Palladium-Item